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Society of China University Journals

Abbreviated as CUJS, the Society of China University Journals is an academic and non-profit organization formed by the journal editors and publishers from the institutions of higher learning all over the country. It is directly under the administration and supervision of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. CUJS was founded in May of 1987, with an original name as the Society of Natural Science Journals in Universities and Colleges.
Approved by the former State Education Committee in December of 1991 and later with the agreement from the State Press and Publication Administration, in 1993 CUJS became the society at the national level and began to use its present name during the registration organized by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
Today CUJS has more than 900 full organizational members and over 4 000 individual members. In November of 2014 its seventh board of directors was elected during the Seventh National Member Representatives Conference.
Currently there are 161 directors on the board, and 48 of which are standing directors. The president is Dr. Yan Shuai, Director of Journal Publishing, Tsinghua University Press. The secretariat is in University of Science and Technology Beijing.
To correspond:
Prof. Tong Jianguo
Secretary General
University of Science and Technology Beijing
Beijing 100083
P. R. China
Tel.: 86-10-62334776
E-mail: cujs@ustb.edu.cn

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